For information about Clínica Apoyo, contact Nancy Davis:


USA: 503 475-9266


Nicaragua: (505) 8376-9618


For information about Coci-Nica or to place an order (in English), contact Brian Davis:


USA: 503-501-6501


Nicaragua: (505) 8991-0543


To place an order (in Spanish) for Coci-Nicas, contact Maribel Alonzo:


Nicaragua (505) 8888-5168


To make a donation to Clínica Apoyo or Coci-Nica: Click on the "Donate"" button below.




Some websites for our many partners:


Hotel Con Corazo:         

NICA Foundation:          

Opportunity International:


Yo Puedo Leer               

Clínica Alabama            

Clínica Verde                 

Mariposa Spanish School

BASIC Nicaragua          

Los Rayos de Esperanza

Renovables de Nicaragua

Aprovecho Research Center

Asociación Asofenix     


Blue Energy                   

Construction Cocibolca 

Instituto Juan XXIII        


MINSA Nicaragua          

Ceguel Laboratories     

Condo Hotel Xalteva     

La  Verdad Nica            

Nicaragua Dispatch      

MINED Nicaragua         

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