Las Comarcas de La Laguna de Apoyo

The Comarcas de la Laguna are situated on the rim of the beautiful Laguna de Apoyo, a natural crater lake. Although geographically close to the city of Granada, the community is isolated, connected to town by a 5km sometimes-impassable dirt road. The 3,000 residents of the community travel the road to town on foot, horse cart and, if lucky, by bicycle or sporadic minibuses.  They are served by two elementary schools and a few churches. There is (sometimes) a community-operated water system and roughly 80% of homes have electricity. Average per-capita income is about $1.50/day. Although the comarcas are included in the municipality of Granada, there are no government services available. Houses are generally small, made of wood , tin, plastic or concrete block with dirt floors. Almost everyone cooks their food on wood fires. About half the population is illiterate, but most of the children are now being educated through the fourth grade. After fourth grade most kids are expected to work in the fields or take care of their siblings while their parents work. With all these hardships, the people are generally happy, industrious, clever and grateful for what they do have.  Family is the primary value. Children are well loved and the community pulls together in the face of countless hardships and the occasional opportunity.


       Opportunity: that's where Coci-Nica and Clínica Apoyo fit in.